[BioNLP] order #507468 - Note from Bob Futrelle

Bob Futrelle bob.futrelle at gmail.com
Wed Apr 11 10:16:59 EDT 2012

I suggest that you do not open the attached PDF in the post "order #507468".
Delete the email. Also, the post had no content other than the PDF.
The PDF was ill-formed, suggesting that it was included for other purposes.

PhishTank (http://www.phishtank.com/) says that #507468 is probably a
phishing attack.

I will most likely revoke the privileges of the sender.
When the sender asked to be added to the list, I had no particular

Next time, I will delete such a PDF and not attempt to open it.
Probably a mistake on my part.  If it includes scripting for a Windows
at least I was working on a Mac.

I guess I could do some of this sort of thing in a VM where it would be
sandboxed, and then delete and reinstall the VM.

I'm far from being an expert on viruses and the like.

- Bob Futrelle

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