[BioNLP] CFP BioLINK'12 SIG Workshop - Theme: text-based applications linking clinical and biological information

Noemie Elhadad noemie at dbmi.columbia.edu
Sun Nov 27 12:57:58 EST 2011

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Call for Papers for the The BioLINK'12 SIG Workshop
Linking Literature, Information, and Knowledge for Biology

The BioLINK Special Interest Group on Linking Literature, Information and Knowledge for Biology announces the BioLINK'12 SIG Workshop, to take place jointly with the AMIA 2012 Summit on Translational Bioinformatics in San Francisco, CA. 

With the increasing availability of textual data related to biology and medicine in the scientific literature, database annotations, the electronic health record, and health information online, exciting opportunities arise to provide access to pertinent biomedical information and to advance biomedical knowledge. An emerging research direction is the integration of information from diverse data sources.

This year the BioLINK SIG Workshop focuses on text-based applications, which link between biological and clinical information. We solicit submissions from researchers working on all aspects of mining text in the clinical and biological domain. Suggested topics include (but are not limited to):
- Extraction of drug-related information
- Pharmacovigilance and pharmacogenomics
- Personalized medicine
- Patient cohort selection through electronic health records and biobank
- Phenotyping and disease modeling
- Incorporation of text-mining derived data into larger biological and bioinformatics workflows 
- New methods, measures and corpora for testing and evaluating mining in the biomedical domain

The SIG provides an informal forum for presentation and discussion of current research in the field. We are inviting submission of short papers (4-6 pages under the AMIA format; see the Submission Guidelines for complete instructions).

Important Dates:
Paper Submission         December 15, 2011
Author Notification             February 1, 2012
Workshop             March 21, 2012

Workshop Organization:
Christian Blaschke - Spanish National Bioinformatics Institute, Spain
Noémie Elhadad - Columbia University, USA
Lynette Hirschman - MITRE Corp., USA
Hagit Shatkay - University of Delaware, USA
Alfonso Valencia - Spanish National Cancer Research Centre, Spain

Program Committee:
Alan (Lan) R. Aronson, National Library of Medicine, USA
Olivier Bodenreider, National Library of Medicine, USA
Aaron Cohen, Oregon Health & Science University, USA
Kevin Cohen, University of Colorado Denver, USA
Dina Demner Fushman - National Library of Medicine, USA
Rave Harpaz - Columbia University, USA
Padmini Srinivasan, The University of Iowa, USA
Meliha Yetsigen-Yildiz - University of Washington, USA
Hua Xu - Vanderbilt University, USA

Contact and submission email: sigbiolink2012 at gmail.com
BioLINK SIG Workshop website: https://sites.google.com/site/biolink2012/

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