[BioNLP] dataset of phenotypic information for plants

Sofie Van Landeghem sofie.vanlandeghem at psb.vib-ugent.be
Wed Oct 21 09:05:00 EDT 2009

Hi all,

is anybody aware of existing datasets consisting of phenotypic 
information such as leaf development linked to genes?

We would want to extract sentences like this one : "In Arabidopsis, 
deletion of the PEAPOD (PPD) locus increases leaf lamina size and 
results in dome-shaped rather than flat leaves." and convert them to a 
machine-readable format in an event-style sort of annotation.

I would be very grateful for any pointers on this subject!

Best regards,

Sofie Van Landeghem
PhD Student
VIB Department of Plant Systems Biology, Ghent University
Bioinformatics and Evolutionary Genomics
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