[BioNLP] BioNLP search page supports Google phrase search of PubMed

Robert Futrelle futrelle at ccs.neu.edu
Sun Aug 8 10:53:47 EDT 2004

I've added the capability to the search page which is reachable
from the homepage or directly at:


My comment appended to it says:

PubMed itself supports limited phrase search, sometimes reporting,
"Quoted phrase not found.", even when Google finds the phrase.

For example, the phrase  "mice developed neurologic dysfunction"
given to PubMed returns such an error report along with
543 abstracts.  The same phrase given to Google returns
exactly one abstract.

Hope everyone finds it useful. Only tested on Mac OS X with
Firefox, Safari and IE as well as on Sun Solaris with Firefox.

The other searches on the page work with Windows.
But if you have any problems, please write to me or the list.

  - Bob Futrelle

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